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Google Certified

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Content Creation

Inflame Creatives specializes in producing short form digital video content for creative business.

It’s content is tailored for consumers using video enabled mobile phones.


Inflame Creatives run an online store, with up-to-date Books on creative work, and Accessories for the creative individual!

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12 Photography Lessons: Creating Artistic Images Effectively

Join 103 students in 34 countries who are improving their images today!


eCourse Outline

Light is Life

The job of a landscape photographer is to record a scene. Yet, photographers often fail to capture what it felt like to be actually at a scene....
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Depth of field is the limitation of perceived sharpness within a photographic image. The greater the depth of field, the more of the image...
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Great Landscape Photography

Be at One with the Land. Buyers and collectors have accepted photography as art for some time, but only if it’s of significant artistic...
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Get the perfect exposure | Part 2 |

If you are still unsure about getting the correct exposure, there is a cheap but very effective device called an 18% grey card that can limit...
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Get the perfect exposure… every time!

Did you ever look at your images, only to be disappointed in finding out that you got an image that was way too bright, or just plain dark...
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Digital vs Film – Is Film Dead?

The popularity of digital cameras may have enjoyed amazing increase but film has still an important part to play in photography and will continue...
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